Sew pattern/ Leggins CLASSIC NO 312 / Form CLOTHING


FORM INTENDED ONLY KNITTED and elastane. Model prepared for an average increase of 1.70. If you are significantly higher, be sure to extend the leg.

From our cut you will sew itself, or you can commission a seamstress.

With one blank you can make many, many such leggings, you can change the knitted fabric, color or accessories.

Stay creative and save!

Sew pattern. Professional.

At a special thermal paper. Reusable.

Ready with marked seams. 1 pattern in one size - without the need for redrawing or counting.

How to use:

1. Cut the elements of the paper.

2.Place all parts of the pattern on the fabric - under a simple thread drawn on the elements.

3. Gently  ironing - so that thepattern adhere well to the fabric.



Easily and perfectly. without cut errors - pattern never move - or not run under the scissors.

Table sizes at:


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