SEW / FORM OF CLOTHING / DRESS 109-3 base with circle

  • The perfect dress with the top of the classic fashion cuts profiled on the bust, beautifully emphasizes values silhouette
  •  For the complete added long sleeve marked another 2 lengths - short and to the elbow.
  • The template also includes odszycie armpit - you can opt out of the sleeve and sew a dress for the summer. You will see the bar - so you can also sew a skirt.
  • From our cut you sew all the same, or you can commission a seamstress.
  • With one blank you can make  many, many of these dresses, you can change the fabric, color or dodatki.Bądź creative and save! Template clothing.
  • Profesjonalny.Na special thermal paper. Reusable.
  • Ready with marked seams. 1 pattern in one size - without the need to redraw the count size.
  • Remove - cut parts with each other and place the fabric under a simple thread.
  • Easily and perfectly. without cut errors - pattern never move - or not run under the scissors.
  • Table sizes at: If you have questions about using the template and sewing - do not hesitate to write to us at:
  • We can help !
  • **WARNING**
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