SEW PATTERN / SKIRT from the wheel and down to the base 102 - CIRCLE


Down from the wheel - the top 102 dresses added belt to be able to sew

Skirt with wheels - with the belt.

From our cut you will sew itself, or you can commission a seamstress.

With one blank you can make many, many of these dresses, you can change the fabric, color or accessories.

Stay creative and save!

SEW PATTERN. Professional.

At a special thermal paper. Reusable.

Ready with marked seams. 1 pattern in one size - without the need for redrawing or counting.

How to use:

1. Cut the elements of the paper.

2.Put all parts of the pattern on the fabric - under a simple thread drawn on the elements.

3. Gently  ironing - so that the pattern adhere well to the fabric.



Easily and perfectly. without errors krojeniu- template never move - or not run under the scissors.

Table sizes at:


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