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Sew- PATTERN -  SUPER PRODUCT. What is - what is our product?


As well sew clothes lying? How to make sewing easy and the effect was dazzling?

The whole art lies in a well-prepared form.

Forget the blanks for clothes from pappers or pdf - thecostiumer is a completely different quality.

Would you like to work as a professional clothing company?

Imagine that you are removing the pattern from the envelope - stacking it on a fabric- ironing and you cut.

Then you only need to stitch and clothes are ready.

Do not waste your time to redraw -Search cripples the papers, do not waste time checking model or size.

Take the thecostiumer.

Our patterns are used by  professional fashion brand.

The form is prepared in 1: 1 scale, on a special paper, thermo-adhesive - which ironing to the fabric  - so that the pattern does not move and do not have to be pinned with pins.

The pattern is reusable - treat it gently and will serve you for very long time,  after using put it gently and store it in an envelope.

our product is already printed and finished with seams - with cut and marked with a simple thread -

which saves a huge amount of time to prepare a cut under his parameters and greatly facilitates the process of sewing.

1 sheet is included 1 model in 1 size.

Basic sizes, prepared for the profiles of european , starts from 34 to 44 -48.

It is a comfort - which can not be overestimated.

Just try sewing 1 model to find out.

The rest of our offer includes prints - application- templates for printing and accessories.


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